Specification: WT

WT Series PCAP Touch Screen

The WT model uses the G+F+F structure, offering the best impact resistance and optical clarity. ITO, AGNW and MM films are offered for different screen size and project needs. Here are the key performance specification:

Model Name WT-SA WT-SB
Construction Type GFF (ITO) GFF (AGNW)
Description Glass-Film-Film (ITO) Glass-Film-Film (AGNW)
Screen Size Range 31.5″ – 55″ 43″ – 65″
Standard Size WT-SA:  31.5″ / 43″ / 55″ WT-SB:  43″ / 55″ / 65″
Customization Yes
Optical Transmittance ≥85%
Haze <5%
Surface Options Standard / AR / AG / AS( Anti-Smudge) / AF (Anti-Fingerprint) / Tempered
Mechanical Cover Glass 3.0 / 3.85mm;   Default AG 70-90, roughness 0.15-0.2
Sensor Thickness 0.425mm
Hardness ≥7H
Seal Ability Can be sealed to meet IP65, NEMA4
Touch Performance Activation Finger, gloved hands, conducting stylus, activation force not required
Multi-Touch Up to 10
Resolution 4096×4096
Latency <25ms
Accuracy Without active pen: ±2.5mm; Models with active pen: ±1mm
Report Rate Without active pen: ≥120Hz (≤55″);   ≥90Hz(≤65″),  Models with active pen:  up to 160Hz
Activation Force not required
Calibration Not needed for maintenance
Drift None
Durability >200M Touches
Electrical Power Supply DC 5V±5%
Sensor Consumption USB powered.  < 400mA
Touch Controller COB (Controller Board)
Host I/F USB 2.0 Full Speed USB 2.0 Full Speed
Software OS Windows: Plug & Play
Linux/Android: Mouse mode – driver free;
Multitouch – some kernel version may need code change
Environmental Operating Temp [-10°C, 60°C]
Storage Temp [-20°C, 70°C]
Operating Humidity [20%, 90%] RH
Storage Humidity [10%, 90%] RH
ESD (Contract/Air) ±4KV / ±8KV