PCAP Touch

Projected capacitive (PCAP) touch technology uses the electrostatic field created by the conductive layers with grids of transparent electrodes on a touch surface.  When finger or conductive stylus interferes with the electric filed projected above the surface, the capacitance change is detected by the touch controller and converted to an X/Y touch coordinate.

There are a wide choice of different configurations for PCAP touch solutions. SHIELDTM TOUCH SOLUTIONS offers integrated solution from sensor to controller to optional integration services from small to large size for standard display size and custom touch projects.

Product Series

  • The VT series offers solution for small sized standard solution up to 24″
    • The VT-A model offers Glass-Film-Film (GFF) configuration
    • The VT-S model offers Glass-Glass (GG) configuration
  • The WT series provides solution for large sized touch up to 92″

Please contact us for your specific project needs.

Features and Benefits

  • Accurate and fast multi-touch detection
  • Edge to edge flat surface, slim and narrow border
  • Versatile activation, by finger, Latex gloved hands
  • Excellent scratch and impact resistance
  • Pristine optical clarity, surface glass customization
  • Reliable operation, no drift, calibration free
  • Capable to be sealed to meet IP65, NEMA 4
  • A variety of construction options: GFF/GG/etc, with ITO/AGNW/MM/etc
  • Complete solution from sensor, controller to integration
  • Standard and customization configuration



  • Interactive digital signage
  • Self service kiosks
  • Industrial automation terminals
  • Medical equipment
  • POS terminals
  • ATM terminals
  • Gaming and lottery machines