IR Touch: SV

SV series is designed for video wall application. Product is designed to fit custom size, shipped in 4 or more touch frame sticks which can be easily assembled on site. sv_pic_transa

Commonly installed configuration example:

  • 46″ 1×4 matrix, 2×4 matrix, 3×4 matrix
  • 55″ 1×3 matrix, 2×3 matrix, 3×3 matrix
  • 60″ 1×3 matrix, 2×3 matrix, 3×3 matrix

Very big sized touch can be supported, such as 10 meter in length. However, for optimal touch performance, the video wall size is recommended to stay within 6 meters by 2 meters.

Feature and performance highlight:

  • Touch frame thickness 13mm
  • Host interface USB2.0
  • Support multiple touch point detection, up to 32 points
  • Plug & play for most common OS’s, up to 16 touch point detection
  • No dead zones around the edge of the touch frame
  • Robust design for reliable operation in the field